pine rivers q150 project

The initial brief from Council required refurbishment of an existing outdoor stage, an increase in amphitheatre capacity and the provision of an iconic multi-use building that would facilitate greater use of the park and amphitheatre.

A recurring requirement was adaptability and multi-use. The project required consultation with various council departments and event stakeholders.

The resulting structures featured:

  • Control Tower - an iconic steel tube tower integrated into a grassed roof terrace/shelter (also used for filtration and gathering of rainwater) under which are located multi-use spaces, event management, amenity and storage areas.
  • Outdoor Stage - extension and refurbishment of the existing stage facility, including addition of performance change rooms and amenity, storage, adjustable stage size and backstage areas by use of sliding wall panels.
  • Lighting Platform - small 3 storey structure for mounting cameras and spot lighting and also incorporating audience viewing and shelter.